Comissions TOS

My commissions are for personal use only. I retain the copyright to the work itself the characters belong to their owners. 

Once price has been agreed on I will send an invoice via Square or Paypal. Any commissions over $50 I require a down payment of at least half for me to start the work and the other half when I am finished. If you back out before I am finished I keep this deposit and the work. 

Upon completion I will email out two copies of the artwork one with a watermark and one with out a watermark. I ask that the watermarked Version be posted online and the non watermarked version is for personal printing.

Adoptables TOS

All adoptables are for personal use only. I retain the copyright to the linework itself the characters belongs to the person purchasing or anyone who it is gifted to.  


My adopts cannot be sold by people other than me for more than they were purchased for unless they are selling the character with purchased other artwork by other people or myself. 

all spacedeer adopts come with a discount towards badges of the character for life

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