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My name is Sierra Richardson and as I have gone through my life and learned about myself, I have always wished that there were more heroes like me, a fat, non-binary, gay mixed kid, well maybe not all at once cause that is a lot to ask for. Well, it has never really happened for me, so I have decided to put my drawing and writing skills to good use so that the next generation of kids has the diverse heroes I never did. I have set off on my quest with a goal to make comics that reflect the our own diverse world. So, with my love of fantasy and magic filled worlds, and my artistic skills, I went about building my world from scratch and filling it with stories to share with the masses. 

I have done most of the work on my own; built the world, created the stories, wrote the outlines, and started on the artwork, but all of this is taking its toll. Production has been slow; I need to work and that takes time away from art. By becoming a patreon and pledging to me I can spend more money and time on getting this comic out into the world. 
What projects am I currently working on? 
Currently I am working on my first major comic "Tales of Questing the Youth". It is about a small band of heroes saving a town from the hands of a band of slavers. Meanwhile, the group learns about themselves and their relationships. 
Also, in addition, there is always a sprinkling of fan art, some original character art, and some furry art. 

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My Team of friends 

While this site is most about me and my artistic adventures everyone needs there dedicated support team for any project. These are the dedicated and talented friends who are helping me with my current projects so we can share them with you.

Rune Adamson



a 23 year old queer enby weirdo, and I make art about lesbians, monster girls, sharks, and general fan-art things. I'm experimenting with new media at the minute, and I'm very into watercolour and inks. I'm hoping to get more into lino printing.

Currently, I'm studying Illustration full time, so I'm still learning all of this new stuff! I wanted to get better at what I'm doing, and after not having the ch

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Sydney Richardson


Syd is my younger sister and a talented author and artist on her own accord and is currently working on her first novel. 


She has helped me with most of my characters and much of my world building. She has helped bring characters such as the Brigh, her sisters, and Maeve to life.  

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Echoic Art



Focusing on traditional illustration and design, Echoic Art produces various anthropomorphic, wildlife, pet, and fan art. From three dimensional laser cut and lovingly crafted coasters and decorations to personalized pet portraits and commissions, there is bound to be the perfect piece for you.

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